Uniqueness of our partnership
Magil Laurentienne/Broccolini partnership is uniquely qualified to provide highly responsive and flexible, client-oriented solutions that are on time and within budget. We do this by combining our significant experience and skill sets in real estate investment, development, construction and management. Both of our head offices are based in Montréal. The principals are personally involved, with streamlined decision-making, to ensure that we deliver on our commitments.

Broccolini Construction Inc. will oversee construction and Magil Laurentian Realty Management will oversee property management. Broccolini’s significant construction expertise is available to guide the planning, design and construction process for tenant’s benefit. Magil Laurentian’s long-standing experience overseeing property management for some of Canada’s largest corporate and professional firms is also available for tenant’s benefit.

“We understand that choosing a corporate home is an important decision that impacts human, financial and technological resources. Our commitment is to guide you through it in a collaborative, creative and productive manner by offering fully integrated, knowledge-driven solutions to all your needs.”
Gary Polachek, CEO, Magil Laurentienne
Paul Broccolini, Executive Vice-President, Broccolini
Broccolini is a single-source provider of construction, development and real-estate services. Since 1949, we have proudly served the residential, commercial and industrial markets of Ontario and Québec. We do so with a passion to serve, and a dedication to excel.
At Broccolini, our approach is simple. We aim to build and develop more than just great properties. We want to create lasting relationships. To us, every new project is an opportunity to build new bonds and reinforce relationships. We may work most often with concrete, steel and glass, yet our best work is derived of confidence, quality and pride in the work we do and those we work with.

We make the development and building process seem easy for our clients. Our dedicated team adopts an integrated approach to design, construction and development and draws on a strong and supportive network of partners to ensure every project is delivered to our clients’ needs.

The result for our clients is a process that unfolds seamlessly and appears effortless. At Broccolini: “we make it happen.”
Magil Laurentian is a fully integrated asset and property management company with specific capabilities in office and industrial product classes, with offices in Montréal, Toronto and Québec City.
Magil Laurentian’s strategy, since its founding over 25 years ago, has been to align itself by investing alongside its client, while serving as asset and property manager. The key to its success has been building and maintaining strong relations with partners, from investors to tenants and suppliers. Magil Laurentian draws upon extensive industry expertise, in-depth market knowledge and is equipped with the latest management and reporting tools to efficiently meet the needs of our institutional partners and private clients. Magil Laurentian is known for being pro-active, enterprising, professional and creative through a platform based on continuous improvement and sustainability.

In looking ahead, Magil Laurentian continues to offer first-rate asset and property management services, through its Managing Partner framework. That is, their strategy is to co-invest in value-oriented assets for which they will create new business plans and then capitalize on their property management skills to improve tenant services, reduce property operating costs, grow cash flow and increase property values. Magil Laurentian thinks like enterprising owners and act as professional managers.

Magil Laurentian is passionate about real estate!