Expansion opportunities
Numerous expansion opportunities are possible through the construction of either new buildings or expansion of existing buildings enabling tenants to customize according to their needs in this unique campus setting in the West Island of Montréal.

For example, for space needs of approximately 350,000 square feet, we could provide a combination of the existing central office headquarters (approximately 130,000 sq. ft.) completed in 2006 together with the addition of 2 new LEED Certified (Gold) buildings, which can all be connected. The delivery of the 2 new buildings will be designed for LEED® GOLD certification, and will ensure that the working environment will meet the needs and objectives of the tenant.

The buildings can include up to 7 floors and 5 floors respectively for a total square footage of 24,480 sq.ft. per floor.

Buildings would be interconnected and include a common lobby area. In addition, executive suites, shared office space, meeting rooms, conference facilities, exercise rooms, cafeterias and other specific needs can be added to the buildings to suit the tenants’ customized needs.