State of the Art Laboratories Opportunity
Rent laboratory facilities in Montréal. Quartier Évolution offers a unique State of the Art Laboratories Opportunity. The campus includes a building of 235,000 square feet that once housed the Merck Research center and laboratories. It has outstanding systems allowing a new company the opportunity to be able to “plug and play” in a state of the art laboratory facility.

Below is an overview of what the life-science and state of the art lab facilities offer:

Property: 235,000 square foot stand alone building
  • Power: 2 X 25 kva lines (underground), 100% live and redundant: Yields 2 x 11 megawatts of electric power Automatic switch, no down time One of the lines is “Priority 1” which means that it is the first line that Hydro - Québec will re-establish
  • Cooling: Existing chiller lines for 2,000 tons of cooling
  • Height Slab to slab: 15 feet
  • Floor loading capacity: 150 to 200 pounds per square foot

Rentable Area: This 235,000 square foot building also includes:
  • 100 laboratories (Biology and Chemistry)
  • 250 “Bedcolab” and “Norlab” fume hoods with “Phoenix Valves”
  • 20 “Norbec” and “Foster” cold rooms
  • 7 Climate controlled rooms from “Environmental Specialties”
  • 1 “RTS Life Science – Brook Automation” cellular robotic station
  • 1 incinerator